Welcome to Dutch Bikes in Canada!

Made in Holland: Dutch city bikes, Omafiets, Opafiets, bakfiets, cargobikes & cargotrikes. The sponsor of Dutch bikes, Urkai Inc, is a Dutch bike & bakfiets boutique in Canada.  They offer top quality Dutch bikes that are handmade for you in Holland. Please see www.urkai.com, your Dutch bike specialist for a full list of prices and options.

To arrange a free test cargo bike or dutch bike ride in Toronto, GTA, Ottawa or Montreal please visit www.urkai.com

 Azor and bakfiets.nl

  • Top Quality - handmade for you in Holland
  • Elegant designs so you can wear what you want - no grease stains, no spandex
  • Upright positioning - enjoy the views of your neighbourhood - not the front tire
  • Designed for urban transport - front and rear carriers for shopping, fenders & skirt guards, automatic lights 
  • Urban Transport for Parents too! Carry 1 - 4 children and your groceries!